The Top Five Considerations To Make Before Purchasing A Dive Computer

When one begins to consider investing in a scuba dive computer, it is important to identify whether this is an upgrade or the first purchase of a computer.  This is an important factor to take into account as different points will need to be considered.  The newbie or individual buying their first dive computer will need to look at funds, future career options, buying options, and the best retailer to purchase a computer from.  A person looking for an upgrade should focus more on the technical details including parameters.  This article will point out the various considerations for all individuals to make before purchasing a scuba diving computer.


1. Future As A Scuba Diver

Let us presume that you have already or are planning to explore a career in scuba diving.  If this is the situation, there are different points to consider including how often you will be diving and the location of the dives.  Why is this important?  The fact is that the area and number of dives will have an impact on the application of a new scuba dive computer.  If you are a recreational diver you may not require a high-end and costly computer; however, if you are a frequent diver with a career in diving it would be beneficial to consider a technologically advanced computer alternative.  Certain features that may be useful to examine include the wireless air integration, the digital compass, the free dive modalities, and the multi-gas capacity.

2. The Specifications Of The Dive Computer

When discussing the different specifications of the computer or a watch and the considerations thereof, it is vital that you take into account your preferable features.  Nowadays, scuba dive computers present with all types of imaginable functions that can easily satisfy the needs of both newbie and experienced divers.  To determine which would be the most beneficial it is essential that you consider your needs and whether or not the specifications of the computer meet these requirements.  Below are some of the criteria to be considered:

– The use of functional digital wrist watches for onshore use.
– Ability to build computer consoles with submersible pressure compasses.
– Dual algorithms for conservative and liberal diving.
– Different diving modes including fee diving, air diving, and nitrox diving.
– Wireless air integration.
– Programming feature for a maximum of eight different gas combinations.
– Dive stimulators.
– Color display.
– Replaceable batteries.

3. Available Funds

Cost is always one of the most important points to take into account.  Due to dive computers being filled with numerous features, it is obvious that they will be of an increased price.  To ensure you receive the best alternative according to your budget, it is recommended that you first complete a budget and check funding to determine if the purchase is possible.

4. Purchasing From Online Stores

One of the most popular alternatives for purchasing items online is through EBay.  This is not always discouraged, but it may not be encouraged when buying a technical item like the scuba diving computer.  Avoid the mistake of purchasing “dodgy” items online; however, if you are insistent on using online retailers it is essential that you do research into customer service and the quality of their products.

5. Computers Without Alarms And Backlights

Ideally, as a newbie in the scuba diving world, it would be preferably to invest in dive computers featuring audio alarms and backlights.  This is useful for certain dangerous diving conditions and can help when feeling nervous.